Product overview

Otoflush is a new ear flush designed to help treat infections of the ear. It can also be used as a maintenance agent once a week, to help keep bacterial and yeast in the ear under control, and flush out any debris.

What it does

Otoflush helps treat ear disease by cleaning and removing debris and reducing the level of infection within the ear canal.

How to Administer

Remove the cap of the flush nozzle. Insert the nozzle just into the ear canal opening and squeeze to fill the ear canal (approx 0.5mL for small breeds or 1.5mL for larger breeds) with Dermcare Otoflush.

Gently massage the ear then allow the dog to shake its head to remove debris and excess Dermcare Otoflush liquid from the ear. Repeat this process until the Dermcare Otoflush liquid coming out of the ear is clean. Wipe off any debris and excess liquid from the ear and ear opening.

Wipe the flush nozzle before replacing the cap. For routine ear cleaning repeat this procedure once weekly only.


For further information or questions please call your local vet to discuss.

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