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Bacterial infections occur when bacteria invade the bodies tissues and proliferate causing damage to surrounding tissues. Read more ›
Cushings Syndrome

Cushing's Syndrome

Cushing’s syndrome or canine Hyperadrenocorticisim is the term given to an endocrine condition characterised by an excessive amount of cortisol being released into the body. Read more ›
Dermatology Ears 2

Dermatology Ears

Ear disease is common in dogs with about 20% of all cases seen by vets. Read more ›
Dermatology Skin 1

Dermatology Skin

Skin or dermatology cases are common in dogs and cats and make up a significant amount of the cases seen by vets. Read more ›
Ectoparasitics 1


Ectoparasites can cause serious health problems for animals if left untreated. Read more ›
Equine Locomotion

Equine Locomotion

Equine Locomotion relates to musculoskeletal disorders in horses and ponies associated with osteoarthritic conditions, acute and chronic laminitis, bursitis and carpitis. Read more ›
Hygiene 1


To ensure that anti-microbial action is achieved for the highest levels of hygiene, F10SC Veterinary Disinfectant is the total spectrum solution. Read more ›


Hyperthyroidism is a multi-system disorder in cats caused by an increase in circulating concentrations of the thyroid hormones T3 and T4. Read more ›
Opthalomology 1


In dogs, bacterial conjunctivitis is usually secondary to other underlying dysfunction e.g. Read more ›