Cyclo Spray®

Cyclo Spray® is an innovative antibiotic spray for cattle, sheep and pigs.



Cyclo Spray® is an antibiotic spray containing chlortetracycline. The unique nozzle mechanism on Cyclo Spray® can be sprayed upside down with no leaks or blockages and has a tight spray pattern.

Quality spray components provide a non drip and fast drying formulation with excellent adhesive properties and a blue dye.
Practical and licensed for three species, zero days meat and milk withhold.

When to use

  • Prevention of infections of superficial wounds caused by surgery and trauma.
  • Treatment plan for claw/hoof infections including interdigital dermatitis and footrot.


Available: 211ml can

How to use

  1. Shake can vigorously for optimal result.
  2. Spraying twice for approximately 3 seconds with an interval is better than spraying once for a longer time when treating DD.
  3. Spraying from a distance of 15 -20 cm to the target surface gives very little dispersion.