Felimazole® is given to cats with hyperthyroidism. This is a condition where the thyroid produces excessive hormones causing a dramatic increase in metabolic rates.


What it does

Felimazole® contains the active ingredient thiamazole (also known as methimazole) and is given to your cat every day to block the over production of thyroid hormones.

Often seen in older cats, hyperthyroidism leads to the cat requiring more energy to function. As the condition progresses it becomes increasingly difficult for the cat to eat enough to provide the huge amount of energy required and they begin to loose weight. The increased metabolic rate also causes other changes, including a rapid heart rate.

How to Administer

Felimazole® is administered as a daily dosage pill. The small sugar-coated tablets can be hidden whole in food or placed directly in the cat's throat.

Note that it is necessary that your cat revisits your veterinary surgeon for assessment and monitoring tests. These are recommended at 3,6,10 and 20 weeks after starting treatment and there after every 3 months.

Side Effects

Side-effects most commonly occur within the first 3 months of therapy. They are generally mild and include loss of appetite,vomiting and lethargy. More serious side effects are possible so if your cat becomes unwell at anytime while on Felimazole® therapy,stop treatment and consult your veterinary surgeon as soon as possible.


2.5 and 5 mg in packs of 100 tablets.