PROPAN B Injection

Propan B Injection is for the relaxation of gut musculature in horses to aid in rectal palpation and colic management via intravenous or intramuscular injection.


Active Ingredient

10 mL Vial contains 300 mg Propantheline bromide in a sterile dry powder. Once reconstituted as directed each mL of solution contains 30 mg Propantheline bromide.


A quaternary ammonium parasympathetic agent with specific actions on the smooth muscle of the gut. This produces a temporary but profound relaxation of gut musculature, with loss of spasm, and reduction in tone and tension. Rapid relaxation and loss of spasm follow intravenous administration, with a relatively short duration of action of 30 to 60 minutes.


Rectal Examiniation:
Propan B enables rectal examination to be conducted in horses with significant reduction in the risk of rectal tearing. Palpation of internal structures is facilitated, allowing fine details such as variations of endometrial folds, fallopian tubes etc to be discerned. Reduction of strong rectal clamping assists veterinarians conducting examinations and procedures, including ablation of twins and in nervous, tense mares at stud.
Spasmodic Collic:
In certain cases of spasmodic colic, acute gut spasms can cause the horse to become unmanageable and in danger of injuring itself and handlers. Propan B can help relieve pain so that thorough examination and management can be performed more safely.
The veterinarian must access the benefits of pain control against the detrimental effects of bowel stasis. The pain of acute spasmodic colic will respond rapidly to the intravenous administration of Propan B, while intramuscular injections have a slower onset and longer duration of action.

Dosage and Administration

Reconstitute with 10 mL sterile water to prepare a solution for injection. Rectal Palpation: 100 mg by intravenous injection Spasmodic Colic: 200 – 300 mg by intravenous or intramuscular injection


10 mL vial